We are child centered in everything we do - children come first!  Our programs are inclusive and intentional, ensuring every child is involved and having the time of their life!

Hand in hand, we care, we listen, we support....

Hand in hand, we care, we listen, we support....

Welcome to Sparrow Lake Camp! Celebrating 105 years of camping excellence, Sparrow is a traditional overnight camp focused on providing children with an experience of a lifetime!

At the core of the Sparrow camping philosophy is the value we place on building community. Every summer we bring together a unique group of campers and staff to form a community where everyone is welcome. We are committed to creating an environment where it is safe to explore new boundaries and grow as an individual. The strength of our caring community allows us to protect the emotional and physical well being of all campers as they try new things, take risks and challenge themselves. The commitment to our cause of helping children grow in self-reliance and self-confidence on behalf of all staff, campers and board of directors is one of the reasons for our success.

Sparrow Lake is also a camp committed to providing all children and youth the opportunity to learn and grow in an outdoor environment. As a traditional camping program, ninety percent of Sparrow’s camp program takes place in the outdoors. We encourage all campers to take their time at camp as an opportunity to disconnect from their highly tuned in lives at home, and focus on the friendships and relationships here at camp. We also commit ourselves to educating campers on the importance and beauty of a natural outdoor environment. Through camping, Sparrow works to foster lifelong connections with and appreciation for the outdoors.

At the foundation of this philosophy is undoubtedly the staff team. Our staff team, consisting of fifty-five exceptional individuals, who have mostly been long time Sparrow Lake campers themselves. Our staff return to camp summer after summer because they truly believe in the power that camping can have on the life of every camper. They are young adults passionate about working with children and youth, passionate about providing quality care, and passionate about being a key component of every campers experience. These are individuals who believe their jobs are among the most important out there.

Coming and sharing a session at Sparrow is the start of a wonderful experience and a new chapter in every camper’s life. The friendships, challenges and discoveries made at camp are life changing and serve to truly help individual campers discover in themselves the person that they have always wanted to be.

- Sparrow Lake Camp Directing Team