Our Cabins

Sparrow Lake Camp has 13 Cabins as well as a "Leadership Academy" that campers stay in. The cabins are unheated and hold up to 14 people (6 bunks beds and 2 cots if needed). At minimum each cabin with campers will also have 2 camp staff staying in the cabin with them. Each cabin has a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and a central light switch. Our cabins are numbered 1 through to 13 and we place our campers in cabins by gender, with the youngest of each gender placed in the middle of our cabin row. Cabin 13 always houses our eldest boys, and Cabin 1 is home to our eldest girls.

The Leadership Academy has a central common area, 2 staff bedrooms, and 2 large bunk rooms housing up to 16 campers each. These bunk rooms are divided by gender.

Our Dining Facilities

Our Dining Hall is one of the oldest buildings on site. It houses a kitchen, dish pit, secure food storage area, and our eating facilities. Our kitchen area, food storage, and dish pit is off limits to all campers and is regulated by a Kitchen Manager. The Dining Hall itself boasts enough room for all of our campers to eat family style with their cabins. Majority of staff and campers sit at long benches alongside their tables. On the exterior of the Dining Hall is a hand washing station which we require all campers and staff to use prior to entering for meals.

Our Wash house

We have one central washhouse, a staff washroom, and port o potties on site. The washhouse is equipped with toilets, sinks, and showers separated by gender as well as our laundry facilities (which are only used in emergency situations). We have access to hot water for our showers and our water is checked daily when camp is in session to confirm that it is clean.

Nurses Clinic

Our nurses clinic provides accommodation for our live in Nurse when they are in session. It includes a clinic space and a sick bed to be used if needed. On the exterior of our clinic is a message board the nurses can use to notify our staff and campers where they are on site if they are not in the clinic. The clinic has open hours either before or after meal times, during rest hour, and at bedtime so when medication is needed most often they can easily be found. All camper and staff medication is stored in the clinic to ensure everyone's safety.

Our Waterfront

We are well named, as much of our property includes shoreline. All of our used waterfront areas are well marked and blocked off so only those given permission to enter the areas may do so. This is to ensure proper safety and supervision in the water. All boating activities require the use of a PFD and a swim test is done with qualified lifeguards at the beginning of each session. If the swim test isn't passed they are also required to use a PFD in the swim area.

Our Rec Hall

This is the location of our Air Bands, dances, Performing Arts activity sessions, and some severe weather programming. It houses the largest indoor space on our property, a multitude of benches, and a performance stage. It is usually naturally lit but also has ample lighting if needed.

Our Site

Sparrow Lake Camp is built on the shoreline of Sparrow Lake. On site we boast a multitude of campfire pits, an archery range, adventure zone with both high and low elements, and a multitude of buildings and locations for campers to gather. We have well marked trails to most sites, including two overnight tent-camping locations and our Vespers. Buildings not highlighted on this page include: staff housing, our office buildings, director's cabin, arts and crafts hut, and our storage sheds.