Why Donate?

Sparrow Lake Camp is a non-profit organization that began in 1912 in the Kawartha Lakes District. Our mission is to create a caring, inclusive Christian community providing a quality outdoor camping experience for children, youth and families in a natural environment.

            Sparrow provides outdoor experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Campers live in our cabins, swim in our lake, learn about the outdoors, and develop themselves as individuals under the supervision of experienced staff. Our program fosters a healthy community through friendship, activity, and outreach.

            As a non-profit organization we rely on donations of equipment in order to successfully run our programs. Any donations you can make would be greatly appreciated. You can donate through Canada Helps or directly to our "Donation Camp". To donate through Canada Helps please click on their logo below, or click on the Camp Brain logo to be redirected to our Donation Camp.

Yours in Camping,

Sparrow Lake Directing Team

Our Donation Campaigns

Financial Contributions

By contributing financially your money can go towards many various aspects of Camp Life. Through Canada Helps you can allocate your funds for specific areas of development.  Below you can see how different amounts can assist us.  Many items have expiry dates, thus the reason to have to replace them on an on-going basis.  Other items are consumable or just ready to be retired.

Donations of $50-500

Special Day Supplies

  • Costumes, poster paper, paint, material for props

Music program

  • Guitars, ukuleles, tambourines, drums

Maintenance Supplies and Tools

  • Chainsaw, Compressor, Table Saw, Drills etc.

Kitchen - Food Service

  • Pots, pans, new tableware

Waterfront - Swimming Area

  • Reaching Assists, Spinal Board, Teaching Supplies

Health Care - Medical Supplies

  • Bandaids, bandages, over-the-counter medications, sunscreen, repellant

  • 10 Epi-Pens @ $120 each

Arts Program - Craft Supplies

  • Beads, yarn, hemp string, paint, crayons, water colours, markers etc.

Watercraft - Personal Floatation Devices (PFD’s)

  • For canoe, kayak, swim and sailing programs

  • Canoe and Kayak Paddles

Administration - Office Supplies

  • Laminator, printer, laptop, projector

The Adventure Zone - High Ropes Course Equipment

  • Ropes, harnesses, helmets

  • Low initiative supplies – webbing, hool hoops, balls

Large Donations ($500+) and Capital Projects

We have a few larger items on our wish list which we cannot afford without donations or generous contributions. If you are interested in providing funding or in-kind donations for a larger project please contact melanie@sparrowlakecamp.com. We would love to discuss on site recognition strategies for larger donations.

Some of our larger donation requests include: 

  • 2-4 Boomless Sailboats

  • New Motor for the Safety Boat

  • 6 New Canoes

  • 2-6 New Sit Upon Kayaks

  • 2-10 New Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Pontoon Boat and Motor

  • Tractor

  • Lawnmower

  • Industrial Dishwasher

  • Industrial oven

  • Paint and paint supplies for the Interior and Exterior of All Buildings

  • Lumber for Cabin and Building Repairs

Our Current Capital Projects:

  • Accessibility Improvements

  • Cabin Renovations

  • Dining Hall and Kitchen Floor Maintenance

Our Wish List

We would love to receive in kind donations from families, churches, or organizations. Below is our wish list of items that we are constantly in need of. Anything you can contribute helps. For information on bringing the items to camp or assisting with the delivery of the items please e-mail melanie@sparrowlakecamp.com

Our Wish List

  • Gently-used Costumes and Clothing for Dress Up Days

  • Craft Supplies

  • Beach Towels

  • Swimming/Beach Toys

  • Board Games

  • Fishing Poles and Tackle

  • Butterfly and Fishing Nets

  • Rubber Boots

  • Story Books

  • Puzzles

  • Paints and Paint Supplies

  • Tools and Maintenance Supplies

  • Ladders

  • Sports Equipment

  • Various Sports Balls

  • Various Craft Supplies

  • Used Canoe or Kayak


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