The Sparrow Lake Camp Board of Directors is made up of a committed group of individuals who want nothing but the best for the campers at Sparrow!  Made up mostly of SLC  Alumni, the group meets regularly to guide the Executive Director and help build the programs and facilities.  Each Spring  the Alumni and their families come to camp for a work weekend to help open the camp and get ready for our campers to arrive.

To contact our board send an e-mail to board@sparrowlakecamp.com 


Rev. Mark Winger

Vice Chair. I have been involved in camping all my life, as a camper, counsellor, director, and board member serving numerous residential camps. I have been involved with the Sparrow board for at least 12 years, and have enjoyed the relationships with board members and staff alike, and have rejoiced in the many ways that Sparrow builds the leadership skills of young adults and creates magical experiences for children.


Lee Holland

Chair of Campership and Fundraising. Both my daughter and son attended camp; as campers, then counselors and our daughter was a senior staff member. As a result of their experiences and learnings in life, I volunteered (in 2010) to help where possible.


Greg Derbyshire

Co-Chair of Human Resources. Greg worked at Sparrow in the early 1980’s as Program Director (after a couple of years at SLC’s sister camp Scugog). He and his wife Liz returned in 1988 as Co-Directors and continued through 1989 when they started their family. He sits on the Board because of his belief in the life-changing potential of summer camps and because SLC in particular was a significant influence in his youth.


M Ellen Weir

Co Chair of Human Resources.  Ellen started as a camper in the 70's, worked at Sparrow in the 80's, has been involved with an Alumni Group since that time and has been serving on the Board since 2009.  Ellen's siblings also attended Sparrow and their children currently attend Sparrow in the summer.


Barry Reider

Board Member. As a Jane Finch Community Minister brought several community members to Sparrow lake for a weekend retreat.

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William Grove - Chair of the Board

Stephen Forsey - Chair of Finance

Anne Forsey - Chair of Health Care

Michelle Waller - Chair of Fundraising

Colin Campbell - Chair of Programming

Andrew Blair - Chair of Property

Janice Franklin - Board Member