Two Week camp experiences for 9 - 14 year olds (2004-2009)

Our traditional two-week sessions will be offered four times throughout the summer, though two are designated two week camps. At this time, there will not be any incoming or outgoing one-week programs.  This allows us to provide more skill development, camp wide special days and activities and it provides more time for campers to develop their camp friendships.  These sessions are offered July 16 to 27 and August 13 to 24 (Session 2 and 4).  Busing options available.

The other two sessions (Session 1and 3) offered as two week sessions will be focused on creating positive one week experiences as they run concurrently with our one week and peewee programs. We will do our best to limit what programming is duplicated in these two weeks. While the one week campers are changing over, the traditional session campers will experience a 'Special Day' just for them!

one week camp experiences for 9 - 14 year olds (2004-2009)

There are 4 0ne-week camp sessions available the first two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August.  The first one week of each month is from Monday to Sunday (6 nights) and the second one week is from Sunday to Friday (5 nights.)  These weeks are perfect for the first time camper and/or a camper who only wants to come to camp for one week.  Campers are still able to register for both weeks if the want to come for the first two weeks of July or the first two weeks of August.  During the change over day on Sunday, a special camp program will be offered for those campers staying in camp while the arriving campers have their camp orientation.

pee Wee camp and pee wee samplers new!! 6 - 8 year olds (2010-2012)

New this summer we have expanded our Pee Wee camp options.  Children ages 6 to 8 year can come to camp for either a 3-night experience or try our 2-night "sampler" if they have never been to a sleep over camp before.  Campers are welcome to register for as many sessions as they choose.  Due to the length of stay, busing is only available for one way at a discounted rate.

NEW this summer a leadership camp for 13-15 year olds (2003-2005)

This new program will be offered the first week of July and the first week of August.  This program will be facilitated by our LIT Program Coordinators.  It is a perfect lead in to our Leader In Training program offered for 15 year olds.  Campers can register for this one week and also register for a second week or if 15 years old, can also register for the 3-week LIT program.

LIT (LEADER-IN-TRAINING) 15 Year olds (2003)

New this summer the LIT program is a 3-week program.  It is offered July 8 to 27 and August 5 to 24.  LIT's live in the "Academy" during their stay at camp and work through a group development process.  LIT's will learn all the spokes in the wheel of leadership, develop skills, organize a special day activity, spend time with campers and increase their self confidence & esteem!

CIT (COUNSELLOR-IN-TRAINING) 16 year olds (2002)

New this summer, the CIT's will enjoy the first week of their one-month experience together as a group before the move into camper cabins and being their Areas of Concentration.  CIT's will not only learn the ropes for being a Camp Counsellor but will have the opportunity to do placements in other areas of camp which they want to work in as a staff member.  Those interested in the CIT program can email and will complete an application process with the Camp Director.