in the lake...

 During the hot days of summer, any chance to get into the lake and have a swim is always a welcome opportunity. Our swim area has a large sand beach, lots of swim toys, and plenty of NLS certified lifeguards for supervision.

Campers can learn to swim or spend some time perfecting their swimming skills while at camp. We offer our own Sparrow Lake Camp leartn to swim levels as well as Lifesaving Society's Bronze Star (for 12 day campers only, sorry!). Our CITs spend the full month working on their Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Lifesaving Society certifications. 

If getting levels isn't a camper's thing, we have plenty of things for them to do down at the waterfront too. There areRec Swim periods where campers are invited down to the swim area to play games and sports in the water. Campers can also start off every day with a Polar Bear Dip before breakfast.