Austin Insley

"Hi my name is Austin Insley and this will be my 10th year at Sparrow Lake and my 3rd year on staff. This year i will be the LIT Coordinator along with my good friend Shea. I cant wait for the summer and look forward to seeing everyone at camp! If you see me around camp come say hey!!"

Alex Ip Yam

"Hi! My name is Alex Ip Yam and this will  be my second year at Sparrow! This year I will be taking on the role of Counsellor In Training (CIT) Coordinator. I am looking most forward to helping the campers grow into their full potential!"


Shea Heinrich

"Hi! My name is Shea. This will be my fourth year at Sparrow and my second year on staff. I'm excited to be one of the LIT Coordinators and am looking forward to having a great and successful summer!"


Brock Ferguson

"Hi, I'm Brock. This is my second year working in the kitchen.  I am the Alternative-Diets Cook and will taking care of all the special dietary needs.  Somethings to know about me: I'm trained as a Emergency First Responder, I like making food, and I love dogs!"


Helena Baues-Wright

Hello! My name is Helena Baues-Wright and I will be your Special Activity Programmer this summer, along with my lifelong best friend, Heather. I have been going to various camps for basically my whole life, but this will be my fourth summer at Sparrow and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m especially looking forward to all the special days we have planned! See you soon, campers!

Erin Sioui

Hey, I'm Erin Sioui and I am the Fine Arts Coordinator! This my second year in this position, my fourth year on staff, and eleventh at Sparrow. I am super excited to see what this summer brings! I'm around the craft hut most of the time so don't be afraid to come say hi!

Owen Williams

Hey! My name is Owen and I am going to be one of the Challenge Course Coordinators this year! This will be my third year on staff! I am really looking forward to this summer. Hope to see you all at Sparrow, you can find me at either the ropes course or the kitchen!


Kassandra Espinola

"Hey! I'm Kassandra and I will be your Waterfront Coordinator. This is my first year at Sparrow Lake Camp and I am so very excited to meet you all. I have worked at camps and on the water for so long I can't wait to be planning waterfront activities for all the campers, and see what amazing things they can do!"

Liam Heinrich

"Hi, my name is Liam Heinrich, overall this will be my 8th year at SLC and my second on staff. This summer you'll find me down at the waterfront teaching lessons and playing fun games like Marco Polo and Greasy Watermelon and my all time favorite event POLAR BEAR SWIMS!!! I can't wait to see you all this summer."

Gareth Patten

Hi my name is Gareth Patten, I'll be one of the lifeguards, I'm so excited to be back at camp after a 2 year hiatus and will be always here to provide a cheesy joke and a good smile. Hope to see you at the waterfront!

Max Winkley

Hi I'm max. This is my 7th year at sparrow. 2nd as a counselor. I like sports and I don't care who knows. From shooting hoops to the Super Bowl. I'm super stoked for another fun summer!


Kayleigh Oliver

"Hi everyone, I’m Kayleigh! This is my sixth year at SLC and second on staff.   I will be returning as a Counsellor this summer! I am looking forward to playing all the awesome evening program games (especially Capture The Flag) and seeing all your smiling faces! See you soon!"

Nataylia Hughes-Mitchell

"Hi, I’m Nataylia. This is my 3rd year at SLC and 2nd year as a counsellor!! I am looking forward to all the laughs and fun that camp has to offer. I can’t wait to meet all the new and old campers who I know are going to make my summer 300x better!"

Teta Uwamaliya

"Hi everyone! My name is Teta Uwamaliya and this will be my sixth year at camp but my first as a counselor and I am ecstatic! My favourite things about camp are the campfires and the evening programs, I love it when the whole camp comes together for fun activities. I also live for the out trips, especially the canoe trips to West Bay. I can't wait to reunite and meet with the old and new campers, this summer is definitely going to be the best one yet!"

Matt Horne

Hello! My name is Matt and this year will be my second year as a camp counsellor. This will also be my second year at Sparrow Lake Camp, and I couldn't have asked for a better time my first year! I really enjoy the art that shines from many places in the camp, whether that be visual arts, music, or even poetry - I love it! I just cannot wait to put a smile on so many faces come summer.

Jimmy Gibson

"My name is Jimmy Gibson and I’ve been at Sparrow for 6 years as a camper, LIT, CIT, and now as a first year Counsellor. I am so excited for everything about Sparrow, but most of all for the overnight “out-trips,” with the cabins. Enjoy your time at camp!"

Evelyn Porporo

"Hey! I’m Evelyn and I’m going to be a councilor this summer at SLC. This is going to be my 10th summer at Sparrow and I can’t wait to spend it with all of you! I’m super friendly, I love to be goofy, and I’m a sucker for corny jokes!!!"

Jasmine Hanna

My name is Jasmine and this year will be my first year on staff as a counselor, but my sixth year at sparrow! I'm so excited for a fun, crazy and amazing summer with all the new and old campers! Some of my favourite things to do at camp are making bead bracelets in the art hut, canoeing around camp and exploring the land around it, and taking a dip in the lake on a really hot day! Can't wait to do all the fun activities and games this summer and make some good memories with everyone!


Skylar Barclay

Hi my name is Skylar, and this summer I'm going to be one of the Counsellors around sparrow lake camp! This will be my 4th year returning to sparrow but my first on staff. I’m crazy excited to make my first s'mores pie, and dominate during evening program games.

Troy Giorshev

Hi, my name's Troy! I've gone to camp all of my life, but this is my first year at Sparrow! I'm going to be part of the site staff and I'm really excited to meet tons of great people, and tons of great campers.

Riley Hancock

Ryan Bartlett-Enarson

I'm Ryan and this will be my 7th year at Sparrow Lake Camp and 1st year on staff as a counselor. Camp is quite the experience and I am super excited to to be a part of it. It has taught me so much about myself and others, made me feel very welcome and gave me so many reasons to smile. I love being a positive role model to kids, I love to entertain, I love a good challenge and boy do I love to dance! So bring on the laughter, adventure, and experience. I am ready!

Stuart Aldebert

"My name is Stuart Aldebert. This will be my 11th year going to Sparrow and my 1st year on staff as a counsellor and am super exited. I love being outdoors and being at camp. My favourite part of camp is out trip, rain or shine it's always a good time." (I'm the one in green :P)

Cole Snarr

Hey, I'm Cole Snarr. I've been going to Sparrow Lake Camp for 9 years, starting at 7 years old! This will be my first year as a camp counsellor. I immerse myself in nature a lot and I'm super excited for camp 2017!


Aryana Astaraki

"Hi I’m Aryana! This summer will by my 3rd year at Sparrow and my first on staff as a Counsellor!! My favorite part of camp is out-trip and s’mores pie!! I am super excited for this year and for all the new people I will meet!"


Ryan Janes

This is my 8th year at Sparrow Lake Camp and my 2nd year as a counselor. I'm really excited to be coming back for another year and seeing new and old staff alike!

Nicole Howe

"Hey I'm Nicole, can't wait to be a counsellor this year at sparrow lake! This will be my seventh summer at camp, there's no other place I would want to be! I can't wait for some delicious s'mores pie, and meet all the new campers!!"


Anika Enarson

"I'm Anika and I’m super proud to say that I’ve been coming back to Sparrow Lake for 7 years. This summer I’ll be working as a counselor and I’m excited for all the experiences it will bring. As a C.I.T, I loved being a role model to campers because children make my heart a little warmer. I’m really looking forward to making new friends and memories and I’m a sucker for new experiences, so all I can really say is that I’m looking forward to this summer as a whole, for all the adventure, experience, and laughter I know it will bring."

Elba Sarja

"Hi there! My name is Elba and this is my
first year as a Counsellor this summer at SLC and my 5th summer coming at Sparrow! I'm looking forward to evening program (especially Phobia!) and having a great time on out trip eating some S'mores Pie! Can't wait to meet you all : )"

Emma GrOve

"My name is Emma and this is my 13th year at Sparrow Lake and 1st year as a counsellor. At camp you may find me sailing, polar bear dipping, or making bracelets! I am an out trip lover, an evening program enthusiast, and a strong believer that Sparrow Lake Camp is the best place in the world!"


Sarah McGonigal


"Hi everyone, I'm Sarah! I've been coming to camp for 5 years and this year you'll see me around camp as a counsellor. Sparrow lake has been my home for many summers and I cannot wait to meet new faces and get to know everyone coming to camp. See you soon!"


Maeve Patten

"Hi my name is Maeve Patten, and I will be working in the kitchen this summer. 2017 will be my eighth year at Sparrow. I'm so happy to be working at SLC, and I'm looking forward to cooking for all the kids this summer.  I can't wait to make so many memories!"

Chris Huckins

"Hi I'm Chris and this will be my fith year at sparrow lake I will be a Counsellor this summer for the first time.  I can't wait to get to meet all of you!"


Rylie Loynd

Hi my name is Rylie and I'm super excited to be able to be working in the kitchen this summer! This will be my 9th year at Sparrow but my very first on Staff! My favourite parts of camp is L.O.Gs and of course Special Day! Can't wait to meet new friends and make the best memories!


Jesse Bostick

"Heyyyyyy!!! I'm Jesse and this will be my 6th summer at SLC and I will be spending it in the kitchen. I enjoy acting, swimming (when it's warm, not like time swim), making new friends, and I LOVE hugs!!! I'm energetic, enthusiastic, talkative, and I'm always trying to make people laugh. Be sure to say hi to me and the other kitchen staff when you're picking up all your delicious food!!!"

Lucas Geno

"Hey! My name is Lucas, some call me Geno or "runner boy." I'll be working on Site staff this year. This will be my 3rd year at sparrow, but my very first on staff. I'm a basketball/raptors maniac, I play the piano, I love listening to music and drawing, so art in general. I'm a very enthusiastic person and I'm looking forward to making the summer amazing with you all!!!"


Dani Ansari

"Hey there! I'm Daniela, but most people call me Dani and I'll be a Counsellor this summer! I like goofing around while listening to fun tunes, playing sports, swimming, and sailing. I’m so pumped to see all the campers that will be coming to Sparrow this year, hope to see you there!"