Applications for the 2018 Staff Team are Now Open!

Barb Weeden, Sparrow Lake Camp's new Executive Director, will be returning for her second summer at Sparrow and is excited to start building a new staff team for summer 2018! There are still a few openings left for our 2018 staff team. If you would like to join the team apply here AND sending your resume and cover letter to Each staff member must have a current Standard First Aid and CPR-C certification and provide camp with a Police Check.

Meet our 2018 Staff Team

Alison (centre)

Alison Forsey


This is Ali! Ali will be a counsellor for the first time this summer. She is super exited to be returning to camp for her 12th year this summer. She loves being at camp and enjoys spending her time outside going swimming, hose downs on hot days, playing sports and games and don't forget campfires! She can't wait to meet new people and try new things.


Benjamin Blackman



Ben has been a camper all his life. He is a musician and an athlete. Ben plays rugby and football at his high school and is involved in community theatre. A fun fact: Ben was on a 30 min YTV special, where he was a lead singer for a band organized by Kim Mitchell.


Jesse Bostick

Counsellor - Pee Wee Staff

This is Jesse. He is so excited to spend his seventh summer at Sparrow, this time as a Peewee Counsellor. He spent summer 2017 behind the scenes at Sparrow as a part of the kitchen staff but now he's ready to be right in the middle of all the action!!! He currently works as a Cast Member at Cineplex and although he loves his job, he can’t wait to trade my theatre popcorn for some delicious camp food!!! He's looking forward to meeting/reuniting with all of you this summer!!!

Lucas Geno

Lucas Geno

Site Staff

Hey How Are Ya? This is Lucas, some call him Geno. This will be Lucas' 4th summer at Sparrow and 2nd year on staff, returning to the Site Team! Lucas is devoted to keeping the camp clean, safe, and beautiful. His favourite Camp memory is the LIT B Out Trip to Long Lake in 2016. Lucas' favourite activity at camp is canoeing, and he loves pizza and Coca Cola. Lucas will usually be wearing a hat, earmuffs, safety glasses, a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of work boots, either holding some sort of tool, driving the EZGO, or building a campfire.


Maeve Patten

Counsellor - Pee Wee Staff

Maeve has been coming SLC for about ten years now and never had a bad time. This will be her second year on staff, last year she was a part of the kitchen staff team and this year Maeve will be a Peewee Counsellor. She is so excited to be with the little campers this year and hopes to make as great of an impression on her campers as her counsellors did with her. Her favourite thing to do around camp is go to the water front whether it's swimming, canoeing, kayaking, or sailing, she loves the water.


Owen Williams

Adventure Zone Coordinator

This is Owen, the Challenge Course Coordinator for Summer 2018. He attends Brock University for Sports Management. Sports are a big part of his life. Along with sports, he really cares about his family and friends and making people laugh!

Rylie (left)

Rylie Loynd

Counsellor - Area of Concentration in Kayaking and Canoeing

Hey Campers! This is Rylie and she is super excited to be a counsellor this year, as well as helping with kayaking and canoeing! You might recognize her from the 10 years at SLC, as well as working in the kitchen last year! She cannot wait to return to SLC for another summer! Her favourite parts of camp have to be evening programs and meeting new campers!

Skylar Barclay

Skylar Barclay

Counsellor - Area of Concentration in Ropes

Skylar has been going to Sparrow Lake Camp for 5 years, and this summer she will be working as a counsellor with an area of concentration at high ropes. She goes to high school in Newmarket and is planning to study psychology in University next fall. She spends her free time either working, reading, or hanging out with her two dogs.

Teta (centre)

Teta Uwamaliya

Leader in Training Coordinator

Teta Uwamaliya was one of our counsellors last summer and is super excited to be back as one of the LIT coordinators this year. Including her camper years this will be Teta's 8th year at Sparrow, she loves everything about camp but if she had to choose her two favourite things about camp she would definitely pick camp fires and evening programs, specifically Quidditch. Last year you could probably hear her cheering on her team during any evening programs or in the canoeing area. She is ecstatic to be taking on a new leadership role, and is looking forward to spending her summer with two groups of LIT's that she knows will be amazing, She is also thrilled to be working with Max this summer. Teta knows this summer will be great and has been counting down the days since September!