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Preparation is the key to a successful camp experience!


We are all about enjoying the fun in the summer sun, playing outside, rain or shine.  As such, your child will need all types of clothing to be sure they are prepared for any type of weather at camp.  We are outside most of the day, so when packing please keep sun protection in mind, rain and chilly nights.  Cloths WILL get dirty!  Please pack clothing that can stand up to crafts and mud puddles!


Luggage:  Since all the campers share space on the bus and in their cabins, we ask that when packing you keep the size of your luggage in mind.  As a general consideration, we ask that campers not bring more luggage than they are able to carry themselves in 2 trips.

Colours:  We play lots of team games at camp and your child will find it useful to have T-shirts and or sweatshirts of different colours.  Typical team colours are red, blue, green and yellow.

Laundry:  Please keep in mind that we do not provide laundry services except for emergencies and accidents, when they will be dealt with discreetly.

TYPICAL DAY AT CAMP - Fun!  Sun!  Swim!  Sleep!  Repeat!

7:00 am – Polar Bear Swim
Time for a quick morning dip. The more people a cabin convinces to go with them means more points towards winning the Polar Bear prize at the end of session.  Those that don't want to dip get to cheer on their cabin mates!
7:20 am – Wake Up to the Camp Bell
7:45 am – Morning Watch
The whole camp gathers at the flagpole for the singing of O Canada, the raising of the flag, and the thought of the day. Then we play a short energetic game to get the day off to an exciting start!
8:00 am – Breakfast in the Dining Hall
8:45 am – Cabin Clean-up
Campers spend some time every morning cleaning up their cabins to make sure that they are clean and safe. The cleaning fairy comes to each cabin while campers are off in their activities and scores the results of cabin clean up.   A session long competition takes place to see who can have the cleanest cabin and win a surprise with their cabin mates!
9:15 am – Activity Session #1
10:00 am – Activity Session #2
11:30 am – Cabin Session #1
Every day each cabin is assigned cabin sessions. These sessions give campers the opportunity to try everything that Sparrow Lake Camp has to offer!
12:30 pm – Lunch!
1:15 pm – Cabin Rest Hour
Rest Hour takes place during the hottest part of the day, and is a chance for all campers to take a break and rest up for the afternoon. Campers can take a nap, read, write letters or play quiet games.
2:15 pm – Activity Session #3
3:00 pm – Activity Session #4
4:30 pm – Activity Session #5
5:30 pm – Dinner
6:15 pm – Vesper
7:15 pm – Evening Program

Evening Program is a chance for the whole camp to get together and do a program together. We usually play a large camp wide game like Monopoly or Age of Empires. 
8:30 pm – Snack Time Of course, we eat again!  A light snack and a drink will be available each night for all campers.    

9:00 pm - Flag lowering and singing of "Taps" All campers and staff gather each night to close our day, take in the night sky and be thankful.    

9:30 pm – Camper Bedtime Campers brush their teeth and visit the bathroom for the evening. The counselling staff will then run a short bedtime program (debrief of the day, sing along, story telling).
10:00 pm – Lights out!

Lost and Found- Please make sure ALL clothing items are labelled with the camper's first and last name.  That way if we find an item while at camp, we can return it to it's owner before they travel home.  Please involve your child in the packing process so they know what is coming with them to camp.  Another tip is to put a packing list in your child's luggage so they can check to ensure everything is there before closing their baggage to return home.  Sparrow Lake Camp is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or broken while at camp.  Please see the PACKING LIST  for what and what not to bring to camp.  Personalize this and include it in your child's suitcase.