Community Building and Retreats

 Sparrow Lake Camp is open for groups May and June as well as September and October. The site is a great place to get out of a city and conduct some team building initiatives. Our programming is designed in collaboration with the group lead or teachers to allow for an optimized program keeping in mind the available staff on site and the needs of the group. The facility can also be rented for group retreats who wish to offer their own program and activities.

PROGRAMS OPTIONS INCLUDE:  Team building activities, low and high ropes course, crafts, archery, nature hikes, fire and shelter building, orienteering, instincts for survival, wide games, talent show, campfires, cookouts and water programs (seasonally).



DAY PROGRAMS:  Available for local school and community groups

Charge is per participant.  There is no charge for supervising adults.   Minimum 24 participants

Option 1: Includes program and staff support (students provide their own lunch) $25 per person

Option 2: Includes program, staff support and cookout lunch $35 per person



OVERNIGHT PROGRAMS: 2-night, 3-day

Charge is per student. There is no charge for 2 supervising adults.  Minimum 24 participants.

 Includes accommodation (provide own bedding), program, staff support one evening, meals & snacks: $100 per student

Standard meals include:  2 lunches(either in-coming or out-going lunch), 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 2 evening snacks. 

Additional meal/menu options available for an extra fee.

*Single nights are available as well, please contact us for more information.*

For more information please email