Over Night Trips


On the Shield...

Out-trips are an opportunity for our campers to get out and explore local lakes and forests in a fun and safe way.

Every camper at Sparrow Lake gets an opportunity to do at least a one-night camping trip. On the first day of camp every cabin meets with our Tripping staff to discuss their tripping options and preferences. Depending on the interests of the cabin they may choose a hiking or a canoeing trip. The difficulty of the trip depends on the age and ability of the campers. We try to balance the current comfort level of the campers with the need to offer attainable challenges.  Even our PeeWee campers get a chance to sleep out overnight in a tent close to their cabins.

Our two simplest trips, Rice Bay and Cranberry Bay,  are actually located on the fringes of the camp property. More challenging trips further explore the backcountry and the Sparrow Lake system of lakes and rivers.   

Every trip is accompanied by a Tripper who has at least their NLS lifeguarding certification and their Standard First Aid with CPR-C qualification.  

Trips are an important time for cabin bonding and for personalities to mesh. At our end of session Final Campfire, a cabin's out-trip is often the group's best memory of the time spent at camp