Sunday Reflection Series: What I Learn at Camp

Ever wonder what our Senior Staff have learned while at camp? Take a look at some of their most important life lessons.


Alex - Staff Manager: After my past two years of working with our LIT and CIT program I've learned not to be afraid to have fun while remaining productive and to not let the little things ruin your day or overall summer at camp.

Rebecca - Logistics Coordinator: Being at camp, as both a staff member and a camper, has taught me to have confidence in my abilities and to trust myself in everything I do. It has also shown me how important it is to create a strong, loving, and welcoming community.

Ashley - Kitchen Manager: Being my first year at Sparrow last year I was excited to learn about the culture and history of Sparrow Lake Camp. Walking through the dining hall, kitchen, buildings and cabins you can see (the art/signatures/pictures) and feel welcomed without a word being spoken. Sparrow will always hold a special place in my heart!

Melanie - Camp Administrator: After growing up in camping and now being my seventh summer as a staff at a camp I have definitely learned the importance of being self-reliant but community-dependant. Trusting yourself is critical but so is having a community to support you. Camp gave me the opportunity to learn that.