Sunday Reflection Series: The Importance of Getting Outside

The weather is FINALLY getting warmer and with that we can smell the summer right around the corner. In the next few weeks our Leadership Team moves up to camp and we begin opening the camp for another season. With that we begin to think about the value we get from the world around us and the importance of getting outside.

Being in the natural world can be a very calming thing, which is so critical in the high pace, wired-in society we live in. Many of the reasons campers, parents, staff, and Sparrow alumni quote as to why they love camp revolve around the opportunity to spend time outside. Our mostly untouched surroundings give us so many things, both physically and emotionally. The crisp, clean air of a spring morning by the lake, the refreshing breeze coming off the lake, the smell right after the rain stops. All of these things are so cleansing and remind us to be thankful for the beauty of life itself. 

Have you taken the time yet to stop and smell the flowers? Taken the opportunity to splash in a puddle or put your face up to the sun? Getting outside helps us remember that there is more to life than what is on a glowing screen, what the latest trend is, or what we got in our birthday presents this year.

We encourage you to get outside, do something active, and reflect on what it means to be a part of the natural world.