Sunday Reflection Series: Growh

Spring has sprung which means it is time for the Earth to regrow. Although in Canada we can never be certain exactly when the last snow of the season is we know it is coming and with it the blossoming of trees, new baby birds in nests, and the hum of bumblebees around the flowers. The Earth is growing and so are we. Some of the growth we can see, by marking our height on the wall, the need for a larger pair of shoes, or learning we no longer need to sit in a car seat.

The more important and more meaningful growth cannot always be seen. It is growing as a person, learning life skills, growing in faith, growing friendships, growing resilience. New experiences give us the chance to grow, learn, and have new experiences. Growth does not come without risk and trust. If we stay in the world we know, without stepping outside to try something new we may not ever be able to discover some of the best parts of who we are. Camp is not only where we play, it’s where we learn, take risks, and grow.

“[Camp] had an immeasurable impact on my family and me. For my father, my brothers and I, being campers and counsellors … taught us much about nature; about responsibility; and most importantly, about ourselves.” - Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada