On the Water

Many of our campers spend their days out on the water, or in it! Every morning we have our Polar Bear swim bright and early – and today our Senior Staff took a part of the fun! We have sessions on canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and swimming every day throughout the sessions. It is Sparrow LAKE Camp for a reason. In the afternoon some extra enthusiastic campers have signed up for a “Double Sailing” Session where they’ve chosen to stay at sailing for twice as long instead of going to another area.

Sarah, our Waterfront Coordinator, loves being out on the water and spending time with the campers. At any given time during the day you can find her in a sailboat, in the water, or instructing the sailors from the crash boat! The sailors in both the single session and double session have mastered the art of righting capsized boats thanks to our amazing Taz boats that are smaller than the average sailboat and perfect for learning. Over at sailing they have two mottos; the first is “Sailing is failing”, which reassures campers that mistakes are a part of learning. The second is “I can fix this!”  which encourages everyone who experiences obstacles while sailing, to think proactively about how they can overcome them!  

So far Sparrow Lake Camp has been blessed with breezy, sunny days and we are praying that the weather continues throughout the summer so that we can keep having fun and exciting days at sailing!