Sunday Reflections Series: New Years and Change

We are so close to 2018 and we at Sparrow Lake Camp are all looking forward to the changes that 2018 will bring. Change can be a very nerve-wracking topic filled with uncertainty and dread. Although change can be difficult to face, the impact that adversity has on an individual is inspiring. A camper’s first time at camp, for example, puts them in a new environment. It is, perhaps, their first time from home or first night away from their family. They are mingling with life-long campers, staff, and other new campers. There is measurably less structure than in school. All of this is a massive change. Maybe it’s their first time staying in a bunk bed and they may learn that they do not like sleeping at a height. All of these changes may seem miniscule but this is a big step for many children. Being able to grow through this experience can create more resilient and adaptable children. With a New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions, or positive change. It is this commitment and resilience that we try to instill in every camper that we hope contribute to their ability to enact positive change.

Our New Years Resolution at Sparrow Lake Camp is to Spend More…

Spend more time with friends

Spend more energy out in nature

Spend more days exploring and learning

Spend more thoughts reflecting and being thankful

Spend more conversations complimenting and improving each other

Spend more evenings around a campfire

Spend more laughs with new friends