Sports and Games at Sparrow

One of the programs we offer as a choice at Sparrow is Sports and Games. The campers get a chance to play basketball, soccer, baseball, Frisbee and other team sports. On top of that they get the chance to experience other land activities including archery! This program is run by our amazing counsellor staff. It's a great chance to get outside and get active!

Snow White and our Little Pee Wees

We have a new batch of PeeWees this session and they are having an enchanted time. This session they are spending the week with Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. So far they have met Snow White and went on a bog walk to search for Snow White’s animal friends. They caught 9 fish! This afternoon they are undergoing Dwarf training and looking for different jewels in our Enchanted Forest. And don’t worry: every day they are going for a swim!

Some Days We Do Out Trip

"Out Trip is an amazing opportunity for kids to have a trip experience while not overwhelming them. It is time for the campers to be together in a different setting and form stronger bonds. It is a fun and challenging experience that pushes campers out of their comfort zone and time to grow."

- Nick Christie

Out Tripper 2017


Nick making some campers a delicious S'mores pie.

Nick making some campers a delicious S'mores pie.

Sunday Reflection

Respect is a virtue like no other.

At camp, we learn to respect ourselves, others and the environment around us.

We can respect ourselves by making sure we take all the steps to be healthy, both mentally and physically.

We can respect others by treating them like equals and acting with empathy.

As for the environment, we must make a conscious effort to treat it with respect so that it can be preserved and enjoyed in the future.

Without respect it is impossible to forge strong relationships with others.

With respect we can forge a community stronger than any other.


“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.” –Laurence Sterne

We're off to See the Wizard!

Today is Special Day here at SLC and this Session our theme is Wizard of Oz! Our evening taps last night was interrupted by the Wicked Witch who knew that one of our staff was secretly the Wizard. This morning our campers split up to help find Dorothy's shoes, the Tin Man's heart, Scarecrow's Brain, and the Lion's Courage!

This afternoon we are on a quest to put out the magic of the Wicked Witch forever! Will we defeat the Wicked Witch and get rid of her and the flying monkeys this afternoon? We can't wait to see how the day will end! I wonder if our Wicked Witch also melts in water...

"My First Day At Camp"

Meet April; at 7 years old it is her first time at Sparrow Lake Camp. So far she has gone through rotations to explore the camp, experienced her first campfire, and went to the SLC carnival.

This morning her cabin woke up extra early to participate in Polar Bear, our early morning swim. She got up and got ready with her new friends but didn't quite make it into the water! She is planning on going in tomorrow.

So far, April has made new friends in her cabin and has been having nothing but a good time. We can't wait to see what new activities her and the rest of her friends will try this week!



There are so many lessons to learn throughout life and a big part of learning is what happens in your childhood.

Camp has a lot to offer and our goal is to help the kids get the most out of their experiences at camp.

Camp is a place where you can learn teamwork through working within your cabin groups for many different activities.

At camp the campers will learn how to build strong healthy relationships, develop trust, and step outside of their comfort zones.

Through their experiences they learn many life lessons that can impact who they will be as a person.

On the Water

Many of our campers spend their days out on the water, or in it! Every morning we have our Polar Bear swim bright and early – and today our Senior Staff took a part of the fun! We have sessions on canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and swimming every day throughout the sessions. It is Sparrow LAKE Camp for a reason. In the afternoon some extra enthusiastic campers have signed up for a “Double Sailing” Session where they’ve chosen to stay at sailing for twice as long instead of going to another area.

Sarah, our Waterfront Coordinator, loves being out on the water and spending time with the campers. At any given time during the day you can find her in a sailboat, in the water, or instructing the sailors from the crash boat! The sailors in both the single session and double session have mastered the art of righting capsized boats thanks to our amazing Taz boats that are smaller than the average sailboat and perfect for learning. Over at sailing they have two mottos; the first is “Sailing is failing”, which reassures campers that mistakes are a part of learning. The second is “I can fix this!”  which encourages everyone who experiences obstacles while sailing, to think proactively about how they can overcome them!  

So far Sparrow Lake Camp has been blessed with breezy, sunny days and we are praying that the weather continues throughout the summer so that we can keep having fun and exciting days at sailing!  

Going to Chapel

Today at Sparrow, we all marched up through the woods to talk about growth.

We talked about how in order to grow as people we must overcome many obstacles and be willing to accept others for their faults, as others surely will be of ours.

Camp is a place of growth.

Every day I watch as the campers grow as people and gain wisdom that will stay with them throughout their entire lives.

Camp is where children become individuals.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”

 – Heraclitus

"My First Day at Camp"

Today I had the chance to talk to some Pee Wees about their first day at camp. As our youngest campers they have had a magical time so far exploring the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. We have met the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and even Alice herself! Our campers have gone swimming twice so far, gone canoeing, and even got to see a baby turtle (unanimously named Shelly). Their first night was spent with many trips to the bathroom and dreams of their next adventures at camp. After their campfire tonight we can't wait to see what adventures await them tomorrow!

Some of the Cabin 6 Pee Wees with their four caterpillar friends and Counsellor Kayleigh!

Some of the Cabin 6 Pee Wees with their four caterpillar friends and Counsellor Kayleigh!