NEW Leader14 Program being offered in August for 14 year olds!!

New this summer, we will be piloting a new Leadership Program for 14 year olds only.  Learn all about being a leader, how to teach, develop new skills, spend time in an activity with a cabin group, learn more about you and your leadership potential!   This program will be the perfect feeder for our Leader-In-Training program for 15 year olds.  The program will be facilitated by an experienced camp professional, Jenna Kelly, who has so much leadership experience and group facilitation skills to offer youth!  

Alumni Bio: Anne, Stephen and the Forsey Family

Anne and Stephen Forsey have a long association with Sparrow Lake Camp (SLC).

They first encountered SLC as children attending the camp in the early 1970s. Little did they know as nine and ten year olds that the camp would become such an important part of their lives. While they do not know if they ever crossed paths at camp as campers, they would later meet as staff, marry and send their three children to camp.

In 1973 Anne first attended SLC with a neighbourhood friend. While the friend did not return the following summer, Anne was ‘hooked’ and would come back for many more summers. The summer of 1975 was Stephen’s first time at SLC as a camper. He loved the experience and would continue to attend camp for multiple years in the future.

While at camp, Anne and Stephen loved being outdoors for the majority of the day; canoeing, sailing, overnight trips, games, crafts, swimming and making friends. As teens, Anne and Stephen both returned to participate in the CIT programs; which enabled them to become counsellors the following years. Their desire to be counsellors was multi- purposed, they loved being at camp, and wanted to provide other children with the same camping experiences they had as children. It was also in these years that their relationships with other CIT and staff were solidified for life. While they met as staff, it was years later through their ongoing connection with SLC friends, that they began dating.

As their careers and adult lives took them in varying directions, the connection to camp friends remained strong. In their travels they have has chance encounters with some of these old camp friends in far away places, such as Turkey and Trinidad. They have also organized family ski trips with camp friends and their families. They both feel that the skills learned during their formative teen years as staff at SLC have served them well as parents and also in their professional lives. After getting married, and staring their family, it was natural for them to send their children to SLC. Each of their daughters began attending Pee Wee camp at age 5 and could not wait to return each summer. The children have gone every year since 1998 and are still attending with one having progressed to a senior counsellor position.

It has given them great joy to see their daughters formulate friendships in the same manner as they did many years before. Their daughters have hosted camp friends at the family home in the winter months, as the kids eagerly anticipate summer to be together again at camp!

Both of the older children have encountered SLC alumni on their university campuses. There is an instant bond and connection as they catch up on what has transpired since they were last at camp together. SLC has become one of the Forsey family’s “Happy Places” where they are always eager to make time for annual camp work weekends and open houses.

Anne and Stephen are now on the SLC Board of Directors, which provides them withan opportunity to make a contribution back to the camping community. As previous campers, staff, alumni, and now parents of campers, they are uniquely positioned to recommend SLC as a wonderful experience for children!

NEW Executive Director, Barb Weeden

Welcome Barb!

Please join us in welcoming Barb Weeden as our NEW Executive Director.  Barb is excited about this new position and looks forward to meeting the SLC campers, staff and alumni!   Barb has big shoes to fill as Rob Crew, the previous Executive Director, has moved on.  We want to thank Rob for his endless dedication and years of support!  We wish Rob and his family well and hope they will visit camp often!