The Leadership Team is made up of experienced camp staff who work directly to prepare and organize the various areas in camp. This team starts working together in May to prepare our site, facilities and program equipment as well as get our programs and training organized for staff arrivals in June. We also have three year-round staff who assist in managing, guiding, and mentoring the team and camp operations as a whole.


Brendan Turner

Executive Director

As someone who has spent every summer at camp since I was 6, I know that camp can be a wonderful place for kids to grow. For me, that love of camp turned into 25 years working as a staff member at different camps before coming to Sparrow Lake this year.

Having worked my way up from a ropes course staff to Associate Director at Camp White Pine, and then to Program Manager and Executive Director of Camp Quality Canada, a national organisation that runs many camps for kids with cancer; I’ve never stopped appreciating what makes camp great. As a Camp Director, that means that we as staff provide a place where kids can have an amazing time being their best selves. For me as a parent, that means making sure every child feels safe, cared for, and encouraged to grow and make friends.

I want to thank you for trusting us at Sparrow Lake to take care of the most important people in your lives.


Melanie Osmond

Camp Administrator

With almost a decade of camp experience I am so excited to be returning to Sparrow Lake Camp for another season! While I love being outside and active during the summer, you will most likely find me at my desk throughout the year helping all of our parents register for camp. This is now my third year at Sparrow and I am so thankful to be a part of such a welcoming and positive community.

When I am not at SLC I tend to be working and volunteering in music and events. I am almost always in the middle of a different book, planning my next trip (with 32 countries already visited), or at the rock climbing gym.

Camp has always been a place where having fun, trying new things, and taking risks were all encouraged. I feel extremely lucky to be able to continue to work in an environment where this is cherished.