Evening Program


Every evening at Sparrow the programming staff lead an evening program. This is a camp wide game that can take on a number of forms. Traditional classics include Age of Empires, Monopoly, Survival and Air-bands. As an example, Age of Empires is a game where the camp is divided into four teams, creating former ruling powers of Rome, Egypt, France and Britain. The Empires battle each other collecting "empire cards" until one power has outplayed another and can take over their territory. The game finishes with one superior empire has successfully taken over the other three territories. Filled with exciting characters and role play, this evening program is a favourite of many.

Evening program is also adjusted according to the age groups in attendance. Special senior programs and snacks are often included to provide our senior campers (thirteen and fourteen year olds) with an opportunity to socialize, while younger campers are put to bed. Evening program is a wonderful time where the whole camp is brought together to share games and friendly competition, concluding every night with our traditional taps before bed time.

Campfire is an ongoing tradition at Sparrow Lake Camp, where the entire camp is brought together to share a memorable evening of acting and music. Occurring three times throughout every regular twelve day program, the camp gathers at one of Sparrow’s group campfire locations- Old Sailors or Final Campfire. Each cabin has the opportunity to present a song, skit or performance of their choice to the rest of the camp. Staff groups complement camper performances to create a community environment of song and dance. At our final campfire, a canoe torch ceremony is performed by the staff to say goodbye and conclude the session with a unique and memorable performance. Campfire is a wonderful opportunity to showcase camper talents and overcome fears of public speaking in a safe, welcoming and incredibly supportive environment.